To be your guide
as you

I am passionate about equipping you to take your next, right step + creating a new beginning.

Rebuilding is possible!

We have all experienced hard things. The upheaval caused by crises of faith or health, grief, trauma and the unexpected + unplanned seasons is not uncommon. But our story doesn’t have to end there. We don’t have to be satisfied with a life that feels overwhelming and unsettled. God had more for me. He has more for you too! 

As a licensed coach and creator, I am passionate about helping you explore the possibilities of your rebuild! I want to be your guide as you get beyond the rubble left by a season of struggle + learn to take the best parts of who you are into the future.

Aren't we all "under construction"?

As someone who is no stranger to the upheaval that comes with crisis, I can tell you that the opportunity to rebuild always comes on the other side of it.

At the point of transition, we can either make the commitment to move beyond the rubble and overwhelm or remain paralyzed by fear and insecurity. The commitment to rebuild will lead us to a better, bolder future.

The process of rebuilding allows us to clear out the debris and create a foundation that makes room for something more, something better.

My background in education and trauma-informed care has enabled me to help countless individuals create a blueprint for a better, bolder life. 

Through the process of rebuilding, I will help you reframe your thoughts, reestablish boundaries + resurrect the courage to dream about the possibilities for your future.

Your dreams are small compared to the ones God has for you. He has already put within you the passions, gifts + burdens necessary to rebuild. It may not be like it was before…it will be better! 

Let’s get ready to clear the rubble + make a commitment to rebuild together. 

Are you ready to rebuild?

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