Building a trauma-informed faith

As a coach + facilitator, I’m here to equip you, your group or your ministry to open your eyes to trauma and to see how it can impact your faith. This is a safe space for you and your group to move toward creating change.  

I have two options for kingdom-minded individuals who are interested in discussing the importance of building a faith and service model that is informed by an understanding of trauma and its impact.

Kingdom Builders: Becoming Trauma-Informed

An online cohort designed to equip kingdom-minded individuals as they serve + walk alongside those who have experienced trauma.

In this interactive cohort, individuals be equipped to understand  trauma and will develop new insight which will impact the way they serve the people in their churches and communities. 

Trauma-Informed Faith Workshop

a three-hour workshop designed to inform your faith and service model.

This workshop is designed to equip groups of individuals in church and in ministry settings. In this interactive workshop, individuals and groups will be asked to look at the Bible, their lives and communities with a new, trauma-informed lens. 

learn how to truly see + respond to trauma survivors.

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